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Who Will Control The Global Financial System?

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We really like Crypto Casey, and have followed her videos for awhile now. She is able to put some complex concepts into an entertaining and spot on manner.

In this important video we explore how multiple entities are in an arms race to try and control the new global financial system.

Who Will Control The Global Financial System?

Who Will Control The Global Financial System?


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there’s an arms race happening right now
over control of the entire Global
Financial system with different entities
competing against each other that will
have a massive implication on our money
wealth freedom and pretty much every
aspect of Our Lives fed now cbdc’s
bricks goldback currency World coin the
Twitter X Change up all of these things
are here and happening nearly at the
same time and developing much faster
than we could have imagined we are going
to explore all this and more so first
and foremost we all need to get crystal
clear on one sad simple fact the US
government wants us all poor and
completely reliant on them on welfare
and here’s why pay attention because
this concept May apply to more aspects
of our lives than just the government
trying to use money to enslave us so in
a book called toxic charity how churches
and Charities hurt those they help and
how to reverse it by Robert Lupton he
outlines five steps to the ever
descending cycle of dependency in this
cycle is how our government creates
entitled citizens that they have
complete and total control over check it
out step one when we first give a person
something we elicit appreciation from
them step two the second time we give a
person something we create anticipation
step 3 the third time we give we create
expectation step four the fourth time we
give it becomes entitlement and step
five the fifth time we give we establish
dependency where that person is
dependent on us and this is what the
United States government Global Elites
whoever is running the show behind the
scenes wants for U.S citizens and the
masses Around The World At Large to be
dependent on them for as many aspects of
Our Lives as possible from housing
Transportation food everything
financially all to usher in and enforce
the use of a cbdc or Central Bank
digital currency where they completely
control how when or if we can even spend
our money and to watch a full guide for
beginners on The Perils of the launch
and enforcement of a central bank
digital currency that uses social Credit
Systems check out this video by clicking
on the link above so as we’ve been
exploring on the channel money is a
system of control we give up our most
valuable and limited resource time all
for money meanwhile governments can just
endlessly print an infinite amount of
money whenever they want and give it to
themselves their corporate cronies
foreign governments whatever all while
we pay them income taxes property taxes
all kinds of taxes and another type of
tax none of us holding US Dollars can
avoid and many people don’t quite
understand inflation and that the value
and purchasing power of our money
decreases over time and the level of
corruption or at the very least exposure
of corruption in this modern digital age
where independent journalism is on the
rise threatening the mainstream media
Mafia is next level check this out in
2022 the U.S Senate passed a bill to
hire 87 000 new IRS agents to
investigate Citizens Finance is
yesterday the Senate blocked a bill to
Monitor and audit billions of taxpayers
dollars sent to Ukraine and here’s a
timely reminder don’t ever forget that
Sam Bateman freed admitted that FTX was
a crypto laundromat for the Ukrainian
government politicians give our taxpayer
dollars to Ukraine Ukraine washed the
money through FTX FTX CEO donates
Millions to politicians politicians
steal elections and there’s a short
video clip of Sam spinning up lies about
making charitable contributions to Crane
surprised no well here’s another
surprise breaking the U.S Department of
Justice dropped charges of campaign
Finance violations against crypto
scammer FTX founder Sam bankman freed
doj just sent a strong message that
scamming people of millions of dollars
is not a crime as long as your donations
end up supporting politicians our
justice system is not only a joke but
fraudulent so not all the charges
against Sam were dropped just the
campaign finance charges against Sam
bankman freed were dropped why because
of who was on the other side of those
transactions he donated 93 million
dollars of stolen customer funds to U.S
politicians both Democrats and
Republicans and like we’ve been
discussing the U.S is not a two-party or
multi-party system it’s a one-party
system the business Party Republicans
versus Democrats is a distraction
designed to divide us however this
upcoming U.S presidential and
congressional election will be the most
important election for the financial
future of our country and massively
affect all of us who are invested in
cryptocurrencies so is there hope for us
are we bullish on the next election well
Donald Trump had an nft collection
Robert Kennedy Jr running as a Democrat
bought two Bitcoin for each of his seven
children and says he will make Bitcoin
tax free and ban Central Bank digital
currencies Ron DeSantis says he will ban
Central Bank digital currencies on his
first day and protect your right to
bitcoin and Francis Suarez receives his
entire salary in Bitcoin and we all know
Biden’s position he’s Pro cbdc’s in
anti-crypto so we’ve got Pro crypto
candidates on both sides in case we have
a hard stance on political parties even
though they’re an illusion and we’ve got
a vast varied Myriad of entities
fighting for control over the entire
Global Financial system we’ve got
interest rate hikes we’ve got crypto
bills we’ve got a ban on probably the
most informed book about the national
strategic significance of Bitcoin we’ve
got more aliens hello I’m Crystal Casey
and welcome to another episode of crypto
this week let’s take a look at what
fresh hell is going on in the world
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they have for us sweet bullish and kind
of sus news this week about the world’s
largest asset manager blackrock’s bold
Bitcoin strategy recommends High Bitcoin
portfolio allocation BlackRock the
world’s largest asset manager is
recommending an optimal portfolio
allocation of 84 0.9 Bitcoin if
investors follow blackrock’s
recommendation Bitcoin could be worth
more than 5x the total value of all
equities real estate and bonds
interesting right I mean considering
what BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said about
it in 2018 much more of a speculative uh
you know people are speculating on it
but most importantly what I think about
most of these cryptocurrencies it just
identifies how much money laundering
there is being done in the world but
right now I can tell you it worldwide I
have not heard from one client who said
I need to be in this and then what he’s
been saying about it just this week and
also I do believe the role of crypto is
um it is it is it’s digitizing gold in
many ways they said I do believe a lot
of crypto is has been it’s an
international asset it has a
differentiating value versus other asset
classes but more importantly because
it’s so International it’s going to
transcend any one currency in currency
valuation if you just look at the value
of of our dollar
depreci’ll last two two months a
international crypto product can really
transcend that crazy but why why have
they done a full 180 well the author of
the Bitcoin standard has some facts it’s
not optional I mean
you will either move there or you will
watch your wealth lose its value as the
people who put their money there
appreciate you know I mean just think
about it you know if you have a million
dollars and you put them in a currency
that’s constantly depreciating where
somebody has ten thousand dollars and
puts them in a currency that’s
constantly appreciating it’s only a
matter of time until they overtake you
and you know people are not stupid they
will realize this and they will want to
move forward so the when I talk when
when I talk about Bitcoin adoption
people think of it as being like say
um Apple iPhone adoption you know it’s
very nice and very cute and then people
will buy it but I think that’s not the
model for Bitcoin Bitcoin is more like
gunpowder adoption you know if you think
about it did the French army have a
choice whether they should adopt
gunpowder or not you know did they
decide no you know what we like to keep
it real with sticks and stones and
swords and um and we’re not going to use
gunpowder if you know any army that
decided to do this it didn’t matter
because then another army with gunpowder
would come and take over France So
eventually everywhere in the world ended
up with gunpowder either because people
adopted it or because it was used
against them and I think Bitcoin is like
that Bitcoin is like Financial gunpowder
it’s the safest way of sending money
Halfway Around The World the most secure
way and it’s the hardest money that
we’ve ever invented so it’s not
something that is you know whether we
should or want to or whether people you
know we try to win people over and this
you know this is why my book is not
marketing for Bitcoin because I don’t
think market for Bitcoin matters at the
end of the day this is economic reality
the harder money will mean mic drop
there’s a lot of Truth to that because
regardless of whether we like Bitcoin or
not it’s not something we need to go
around and try to convince people of
because Bitcoin is an economic reality
and we’ve even got The Simpsons
predicting bitcoin’s Fate To Infinity so
just like gunpowder was necessary and
important for national security
throughout history now in this digital
age Bitcoin has National strategic
significance which is why we are seeing
countries all around the world adopt it
Wall Street and big Banks accumulating
it BlackRock stacking SATs and what’s
interesting is this week one of the most
important if not the most important book
called software a novel theory on power
projection in the National significance
of Bitcoin was removed from circulation
the author major Jason Lowry from the
United States space force tweeted this
week for those asking what’s been going
on with me I was ordered to take
software down and ask to stop talking
about the subject publicly doesn’t
appear on mit’s library either can’t
talk details but things are good and I’m
working hard behind the scenes a
appreciate the kind words absolute
insanity this book
that I happened to buy when it first
came out a couple months ago has been
banned by the Pentagon so if we should
do a deep dive into this soft War book
together in a video let me know if you’d
be interested in the comments below nice
so we are all in a war amidst this R is
raised for control over the Global
Financial system while the FED decided
to continue raising interest rates this
week by 25 basis points all but the
intention of causing more bank failures
to centralize and consolidate their
power and launch a cbdc to enslave us in
their fed now system we’ve been talking
about for months has launched with
several Banks already on board in
processing transactions on it which was
designed to be the foundation for a
future US dollar cbdc that is on the
horizon unless we can hopefully get some
anti-cbdc politicians in office to
protect us all in the same week we have
Sam Altman the founder of openai the
company that created Chachi BT
announcing World coin a cryptocurrency
that requires us to visit one of many
orbs around the world to scan our eyes
and verify our identity to receive a
world ID and some form of universal
basic income basically this is a
financial system connected to biometric
information they are calling proof of
personhood where they are trying to
incentivize people to adopt and use it
by giving them free world coin tokens
which like we discussed at the beginning
of this video much like the intention
behind a cbdc issued by a government
they want us all dependent on them and
not independently wealthy with complete
control and ownership over our money our
property our freedoms at large and other
potential Global Currency options hit
the table this week precious metals
surge as brics goldback currency fuels
bullish momentum what’s next it’s
official the brics group of Nations plan
to introduce a new gold-backed currency
at their hotly awaited upcoming Summit
in August in case you’re new to the
channel brics is an acronym that stands
for Brazil Russia and yeah China and
South Africa in the issue we will have
with this type of currency is which
country is everyone going to trust to
house all this gold that will back the
new currency I mean that’s the issue
with goal right now there are actually
more paper or debt claims to Gold than
actual physical gold secured in these
vaults around the world which causes
price suppression basically an
artificially higher supply of gold is
meeting real demand which causes the
price to be artificially lower than it
should be so if you were part of brics
which country would you trust to safely
and securely store and accurately audit
the gold and issue the currency
accordingly let me know what you think
in the comments below also this week
Elon Musk announced a Rebrand of Twitter
to a platform called X which he believes
will become a significant part of the
Global Financial system Elon Musk
detailed his vision for Twitter’s plan
to enter the payments market during a
live streamed meeting with Twitter
advertisers hosted on Twitter spaces on
Wednesday the new Twitter owner
suggested that in the future users would
be able to send money to others on the
platform extract their funds to
authenticated bank accounts and later
perhaps be offered a high-yield money
market account to encourage them to move
their cash to Twitter what will the
currency be will it be Dogecoin will be
something else entirely will it be
multiple currencies like Bitcoin
ethereum stable coins Etc time will tell
at the end of the day the Global
Financial system is in flux and changing
rapidly with almost a pick your poison
dystopian options like fed now cbdc and
AI mogul’s weird orb eye scanning
Universal basic income thing Rick’s
currency based on gold and vaults in
Brazil or Russia or India or China or
South Africa the world’s richest man’s
ex-platform with mean coins and the only
truly decentralized transparent and
immutable Global Currency where we can
all truly own manage and control our
wealth Bitcoin so in these crazy times
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our lives and ability to live freely
check out this video if you would like
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